middle childhood

Middle Childhood

Middle Childhood begins as a child approaches kindergarten, and lasts until 10 years of age. Well Child checks are scheduled annually during this time period in a child’s life. 

Each Well Child Check in this age range will include a health history, and physical examination (including height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, and vision screening). Each visit will also include a psychosocial and behavioral assessment, as well as developmental surveillance and anticipatory guidance. Your Provider will also offer advice and guidance as needed.

At age 5, children entering the school system are given a TB test if you choose to not have this completed by the school nurse. They will also have their last ocular photoscreen completed.

Based on your child’s risk factors, we may also complete blood or cholesterol checks, perform additional screening on your child’s hearing, provide additional TB tests, or monitor your child’s oral health.

Once your child reaches this age, scheduled immunizations should be complete. However, some children are on an alternative schedule and may have a few immunizations to catch up on. Your Provider will discuss your child’s immunization needs with you. Flu vaccines are available annually. To view ACP's Routine Immunization Schedule, click here.