Updated Scheduling Policy

Please note that as of September 3, 2019 ACP has implemented a new scheduling policy regarding visit check-in time. Historically, ACP has notified you that your check-in time for appointments is 15 minutes prior to the appointment time. For example, if you booked a 9:00am appointment - our staff asked you to arrive at 8:45am. Starting September 3, 2019 our computer system will now reflect a check-in time that incorporates that 15 minutes as our entire visit time starts at check-in. Our automated phone calls and text messages will prompt you to confirm your check-in time starting two days prior to your visit. Please follow the prompts to confirm!

Our primary concern is safe, efficient, quality healthcare for all our patients. We believe that patients deserve our attention during the scheduled time we have reserved for them. By arriving on-time you help maintain the flow of the schedule for our other patients. Patients arriving late for their check-in time may be asked to reschedule.

Please call our office with any questions or concerns.  907-777-1800