Your Family Olympics

Although the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics have come to a close, let’s keep that active spirit going. It’s time for your own 2014 Family Olympics! Here are some fun activities to keep you and your family motivated and moving together.

Snowball Shot Put (Outdoor)

Items you’ll need: snow, food coloring

  1. Choose a color for your snowballs
  2. Make 5 snowballs each
  3. Dye your snowballs with your chosen color
  4. Pick a starting position and throw your snowballs one at a time as far as you can

Goal: Throw your snowballs the farthest!

Volleyball Hover (Indoor/Outdoor)

Items you’ll need: balloons, stopwatch

  1. Inflate 1 balloon for each player
  2. Throw the balloons up in the air, start the timer, and keep your balloon hovering without letting it touch the ground

Goal: Keep your balloon off the ground for longest time.

Long Jump (Indoor/Outdoor)

Items you’ll need: measuring tape, tape or string to create a line

  1. Make a line with tape, string, or anything else you have in your home
  2. Have all players stand behind line and jump over as far as possible
  3. Measure everyone’s distance from the line to their heels

Goal: Be the player to jump the farthest.

Hulathon (Indoor/Outdoor)

Items you’ll need : hula hoop, stopwatch

1. Use stopwatch to time players while they hula hoop

Goal: Be the player to hula hoop the longest!

Olympic Ring Toss (Indoor/Outdoor)

Items you’ll need: 6 cones, soda bottles (anything that stands vertically), 6 paper plates (centers cut out)

1.Place the first cone about 2 feet away from players and stagger out the other 5 farther and farther from the players

2.Toss Olympic rings and try to land around all 6 cones

Goal: Land the greatest amount of rings around the cones to win!

***To make more difficult, assign each cone a differing point value. Add up your points and the player with the most points wins!

These are just a few great activities to get you and your family moving combined with a little healthy competition. You don’t need much to pull off these games: just a few easy-to-find props and open space indoors or outdoors. For best results choose challenges that play to the variety of strengths and abilities of your little peeps. This will keep them engaged and ready for more! The best part is unlike the Olympics you can host your very own family Olympics more than once every four years! Depending on the frequency and activities you choose to take part in, you can track your children’s successes and see how they improve over time.

Laura Grande, Lead RN at Alaska Center for Pediatrics